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My very first sewing project!

homemade linen t-shirt

Here it is! The result of my very first sewing project ever! I have learned so much along the way. After all, I hadn’t touched a sewing machine before I started. My plan was actually to use the fabric to sew a few cushions as my first projects. I went all in and made a t-shirt instead! I’m a huge fan of linen, and therefore I wanted to make a t-shirt in linen. I realized afterwards that the fabric was maybe a bit too stiff, and because of the lack of stretch I had to make a split back in the neck. I know for sure that my next project will not involve a split! Luckily I got a lot of help from both my mom and my friend Christiane’s mom. ♥

It was a bit surprising to me how much one used overlock and how little one actually uses the regular sewing machine. I knew quickly that I wanted an overlock machine, but I’ll borrow my mum’s in the beginning. If interest for sewing continues, then I’ll invest in my own. Absolutely amazing how professional it looks when using overlock!

Pattern: Dress with flounce and blouse. Pattern 2314538 from Stoff & Stil.
Fabric: Linen/cotton in Color light dusty green from Stoff & Stil.

BTW! I made a sewing account on instagram. Feel free to follow @kamillasyr!

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