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Vintage sewing machine in the house!

The last month Ive really wanted to try to sew, and a couple of days ago I got this amazing sewing machine. My partner’s grandmother has sewn with it for years, and now it’s my turn to try it out. I have never even touched a sewing machine before, so it will be very exciting! The last few days I have washed it, removed dust from the inside, and oiled it.

After googleing the model, I have found that it is produced between 1967 and 1972. Pretty crazy to think about how good the quality is, when it can still be used today, 50 years later. And whats also really great about the old machine, it doesn’t have lots of settings. Perfect when you’re a beginner!

It was surprisingly easy to oil! Where it is to be oiled, it is marked in red, as in the picture above. Then you drop a drop of sewing machine oil there and its all done!

Can’t wait to create something brand new with something very old machine. ♥

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