Anker’s Summer Shirt

ankers summer shirt

I have become a true fan of knitting the Ankers pattern by Petiteknit, and the summer shirt was no exception. The fit is super, and I am very pleased that I made folding edges instead of a ribbed border along the arms and body. Perfect way to achieve a more clean expression. I forgot to decrease on the arms, so they are a little wide. No doubt it’s better to have a little too wide arms than a little too tight, right? I think I will keep it with the wide arms, and if it bothers me ill consider sewing an elastic into the folding edges.

ankers summer shirt by petiteknit

The blouse’s original yarn is Sandnes Line, but I chose to knit it in Drops Belle. Both yarns contain 53% cotton, 33% viscose and 14% linen. Belle is basically a lot cheaper, and I found it on sale as well. So then the choice was really easy.

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