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The Wilderness Sweater

Ad – the yarn was sponsored by Strikkia.no

I’m pretty new to pattern knitting, and made some mistakes along the way. I must honestly admit that I wanted to throw the whole project out the window for a while… But I made it! And I’m so glad I did, because its one of my favourite sweaters! Im using it a lot. I use it almost every time I go for a walk with my dog.

I chose to knit the sweater in the original yarn Alafosslopi. It’s made from 100% Icelandic wool, with good properties for an outdoor sweater. The yarn contains cover hair and under wool from the sheep. The cover hairs and the lanolin in the wool make the garment water-repellent. In addition, the yarn is very warm and insulating. A perfect choice for a sweater like this!

I used the following colors:
9966 Cypress Green Heather
0051 White
0053 Acorn Heather
0056 Ash Heather

… Just a little heads up! I knitted mine in size medium, and didn’t really get enough of the gray yarn! Fortunately, I got just enough yarn when I used the threads that was left after attaching the threads along the way. Puh!

You can find the pattern here. The book will be translated into English during 2021 according to Linka Neumann.

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